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Logo&Character: 特定非営利活動法人 BASE

Designed the official logo and character for BASE (Continuous employment support service – type B). 特定非営利活動法人 BASE (就労継続支援B型 Base Camp) 様のロゴ兼マスコットキャラクターをデザインさせていただきました。 就労継続支援B型 Base Campについて↓

Winzer von Erbach × A-nya.PoPo

A-nya.PoPo’s painting was selected for Winzer von Erbach‘s art label competition this year.  Now you can enjoy the wine bottle with A-nya.PoPo’s illustration in Germany. ドイツのワインラベルコンテストにて、A-nya.PoPo作品が採用されました。 エアバッハ村というところにあるワイナリーから出荷されるワインボトルのラベルに、コラージュ作品「Dance Dance Dance!」が登場します。 ドイツの人々が、このワインボトルを眺めながら、楽しい気分になってくれたら幸いです。


“ Cottea x A-nya.PoPo Coffee Gift box ” There is a pretty coffee stand called ”  Cottea ” at Omotesando, Tokyo. They offer 16 different kinds of coffee and also…


“ Cottea x A-nya.PoPo Coffee Beans box ” There is a pretty coffee stand called ”  Cottea ” at Omotesando, Tokyo. They offer 16 different kinds of coffee and also…

” You are okay…”

The new series “ You are okay..” are made by traditional hand-made Japanese papers called ”Kōzoshi”(Japanese Mulberry Paper). 四国の職人さんが手漉きで作った和紙、生の楮紙を使いました。 茅簀の目(簀の子の上で漉く時にできる模様)や、湿度により形が変わるシワは、まるで作品自体が呼吸しているようです。 わからなくても、きっと大丈夫。 あなたが、昨日と今日をつなげていくことを諦めない限り、 あなたは大丈夫。 そんな思いを込めて描きました。 ( Ink, Japanese paper and…

Mitaka Yoga Therapy

■看板 ■ロゴ ■Webバナー


( Ink, Collage 2017) Displayed at Lounge, Yokohama 2017

Point-Collage Project

(21.0cm×29.7cm each), Ink, Oil Patels and acrylic colours, 2016

Cat couple

  (15.0cm×10.0cm each), Ink, 2016

Meshida Project

The illustration for Meshida’s website, who is a Japanese standup comedian, currently performing his shows in London:) 日本発、世界のStand upコメディアンを目指す、現在ロンドン修行中、meshida氏のイラストレーションを制作させていただきました。 Title: “smart, crazy, paranoid and happy Japan” ◆More details…

noa yoga : illustration

The image illustration for “noa yoga” in Tokyo. “noa yoga” 様のイメージイラストレーションを制作させていただきました。 ヨーガの7つのチャクラカラーを背景に、noa yogaさんの目指す、“ ヨガを通して、人々が、もっともっとのびのびと表現できるようになるのをお手伝いしたい ” というおもいを、水彩画と和紙で表現させていただきました。  

dance dance dance!!

(29cm×42cm),  paper and acrylic colours, 2016

My dream is…

(29cm×42cm),  paper and acrylic colours, 2016

It’s coming…

(29cm×42cm),  paper and acrylic colours, 2016

” A-nya.PoPo’s 100 Days Project “

This is an ongoing project which I draw 100 daily illustrations. You can follow this project by #anyapopo100 on A-nya.PoPo’s Instagram.

“After She Left”

“After She Left”  (15cm×18cm,24pages), 2015 This story is based on my own experience. People used to nickname my mother ‘fairy’ because the way she behaved and the aura…

“My place”

“My place” : A Narrative Project (14.5cm×19.5cm,24pages), 2014 “My place” is the story of the imaginary character PoPo, who goes for a journey to find the place that…

iBook “minmin”

iBook “minmin” : Discrimination Project (24.1cm×18.5cm,13page) This story is about creatures called “minmin”, who like comparing themselves to others as well as envying them. This story was inspired…


“THE TEXT BOOK”: A Typography *Group Project, 2014 (21.0cm×29.7cm,40pages) This was a group project. We re-created the two letters into new images using each adjective as a theme…


(17.6cm×25cm), Drypoint, 2015

“A ClockWork Orange”

Movie Campaign* about “A Clockwork Orange(1971)” directed by Stanley Kubrick, Poster(42.0cm×59.4cm), 2015 *demo.

Sound of Life in London

A Hybrid Project : “Sound of Life in London” (4.13mins) Moving Image, 2014 When I moved to London from Japan, I was shocked at the many different kinds of…


(15cm×140cm each), craft paper poles and acrylic colours, 2014 There are over 13 million people living in Tokyo. As I have lived there for over 8 years, I…


33.3cm×24.2cm, Collage, 2014 “Namida” means tears in Japanese. Tears have interested me for a long time. I believe tears are the most beautiful things that come from humans….

Tomorrow is another day…

(33.3cm×24.2cm), Collage, 2014


(33.3cm×24.2cm), Water Colour, 2013

Make a Delicious Memory

“Make a Delicious Memory” :Soy sauce Advertisement Project (42.0cm×59.4cm), Digital Print, 2013 I made four advertisement posters for the Soy sauce company as a school project. The task was…

Inochi no denwa

“Inochi no denwa”(Life line) : Advertisement Project (42.0cm×59.4cm), Digital Print, 2013 I made three posters promoting a social welfare organization called “Inochi no Denwa” as a school project. “Inochi…

MOE NOHARA Official Website

I made this website for the artist “Moe Nohara” by using Adobe Dreamweaver CS5. Moe Nohara had been working as an artist for over 30 years, although she…

Why are you crying?

18.2cm×25.7cm, 2012

Happy Rain

50cm×85cm, Mix Media Collage, 2010 This is a collage incorporating illustration. The idea is a flying umbrella with happy tears falling down to the world. It was displayed in a…

Never Mind…

21.0cm×29.7cm, photography, 2014

eat me…

42.0cm×59.4cm, Digital Print, 2013

Magical Banana Love

42.0cm×59.4cm, Digital Print, 2013 The collaboration of bananas and my original character “Kissminchu”. “Chu-“is sound of kiss but also sound of mouse in Japanese.

Girls & Boys

approx. 10cm×15cm each, Postcard

Monster 20XX

Main Picture : 30cm×30cm, Linocut, 2010 I sometimes feel stressed about living in the chaos of information such as TVs, Newspapers, Radio, smart phones, the Internet and so…