About A-nya.PoPo (アニャポポ)

A-nya.PoPo is a Japanese artist, writer and illustrator based in Tokyo. Since she was born, she has been very curious about everything she saw in her world and she enjoys expressing her impressions through her creative work.
She finished her degree at the School of Culture, Media and Society at Waseda University, Tokyo in 2011. During her life on campus and after graduation, she has worked in a cultural organization, TV broadcasting, Publisher, bakery, NPO etc. After that, She moved to UK and joined the Art&Design course at University of the Arts London. Currently she lives in Tokyo. She always loves to meet people and enjoys her daily life very much.


2011 早稲田大学文化構想学部・文化人類学専攻 卒業
2015 ロンドン芸術大学 London College of Communication 留学 Art&Designコース修了
2015 LCC卒業制作展 “Inside Out ”  参加 ロンドン・Upper Gallery
2016 個展 “ Welcome to the World of A-nya.PoPo ” , Blank_Gallery 東京・原宿
2017 個展 Lounge x A-nya.PoPo “ WE LOVE HAPPY CATS!! ”展 横浜
2017 グループ展 「 池ポス展」 参加 東京・池袋
2017 個展 TULLY’s COFFEE x A-nya.PoPo ” You are Okay ” 展 東京・新宿
2018 個展 ASAGAO x A-nya.PoPo “Good Morning” 展 東京・根津
2018 WINZER VON ERBACH ワインラベル採用 ドイツ
2020 個展 TULLY’s COFFEE x A-nya.PoPo  “ Happy Dots…しあわせなてん ” 東京・新宿

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