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“ Cottea x A-nya.PoPo Coffee Beans box ” There is a pretty coffee stand called ”  Cottea ” at Omotesando, Tokyo. They offer 16 different kinds of coffee and also…

” You are okay…”

The new series “ You are okay..” are made by traditional hand-made Japanese papers called ”Kōzoshi”(Japanese Mulberry Paper). 四国の職人さんが手漉きで作った和紙、生の楮紙を使いました。 茅簀の目(簀の子の上で漉く時にできる模様)や、湿度により形が変わるシワは、まるで作品自体が呼吸しているようです。 わからなくても、きっと大丈夫。 あなたが、昨日と今日をつなげていくことを諦めない限り、 あなたは大丈夫。 そんな思いを込めて描きました。 ( Ink, Japanese paper and…

” A-nya.PoPo’s 100 Days Project “

This is an ongoing project which I draw 100 daily illustrations. You can follow this project by #anyapopo100 on A-nya.PoPo’s Instagram.

“After She Left”

“After She Left”  (15cm×18cm,24pages), 2015 This story is based on my own experience. People used to nickname my mother ‘fairy’ because the way she behaved and the aura…

“My place”

“My place” : A Narrative Project (14.5cm×19.5cm,24pages), 2014 “My place” is the story of the imaginary character PoPo, who goes for a journey to find the place that…

iBook “minmin”

iBook “minmin” : Discrimination Project (24.1cm×18.5cm,13page) This story is about creatures called “minmin”, who like comparing themselves to others as well as envying them. This story was inspired…


(17.6cm×25cm), Drypoint, 2015

“A ClockWork Orange”

Movie Campaign* about “A Clockwork Orange(1971)” directed by Stanley Kubrick, Poster(42.0cm×59.4cm), 2015 *demo.

Sound of Life in London

A Hybrid Project : “Sound of Life in London” (4.13mins) Moving Image, 2014 When I moved to London from Japan, I was shocked at the many different kinds of…


33.3cm×24.2cm, Collage, 2014 “Namida” means tears in Japanese. Tears have interested me for a long time. I believe tears are the most beautiful things that come from humans….

Tomorrow is another day…

(33.3cm×24.2cm), Collage, 2014


(33.3cm×24.2cm), Water Colour, 2013

Inochi no denwa

“Inochi no denwa”(Life line) : Advertisement Project (42.0cm×59.4cm), Digital Print, 2013 I made three posters promoting a social welfare organization called “Inochi no Denwa” as a school project. “Inochi…

Why are you crying?

18.2cm×25.7cm, 2012

Never Mind…

21.0cm×29.7cm, photography, 2014

eat me…

42.0cm×59.4cm, Digital Print, 2013

Magical Banana Love

42.0cm×59.4cm, Digital Print, 2013 The collaboration of bananas and my original character “Kissminchu”. “Chu-“is sound of kiss but also sound of mouse in Japanese.

Girls & Boys

approx. 10cm×15cm each, Postcard

Monster 20XX

Main Picture : 30cm×30cm, Linocut, 2010 I sometimes feel stressed about living in the chaos of information such as TVs, Newspapers, Radio, smart phones, the Internet and so…