Thank you very much for visiting my new website!!

I’m A-nya.PoPo who loves traveling, writing, drawing and eating.

I’m originally from the north part of Japan, my home area is called Aomori and my home town is Hirosaki. I recommend you to travel there if you like traditional festivals, fresh foods and beautiful nature. I moved to Tokyo when I entered the university and have lived there over 8years. But I still take wrong trains sometimes as Tokyo’s metro is so complicated. I live in London now, I often take wrong trains here too, as London’s tube is very flexible and I miss listening the announcements such as changing the destination. But I’m really enjoining meeting people from all over the world here.

Unexpectedly, My life has been quite exciting so far. well… I’m the person who easily get into troubles. But thanks to all of my friends and my family, I’ve been able to survive them and I’m happy today too.

I will keep updating my new work& news here. so that, you can check what I am doing somewhere in the world.

I hope you enjoy my website.