Project Tag: collage


33.3cm×24.2cm, Collage, 2014 “Namida” means tears in Japanese. Tears have interested me for a long time. I believe tears are the most beautiful things that come from humans….

Tomorrow is another day…

(33.3cm×24.2cm), Collage, 2014

Happy Rain

50cm×85cm, Mix Media Collage, 2010 This is a collage incorporating illustration. The idea is a flying umbrella with happy tears falling down to the world. It was displayed in a…

eat me…

42.0cm×59.4cm, Digital Print, 2013

Magical Banana Love

42.0cm×59.4cm, Digital Print, 2013 The collaboration of bananas and my original character “Kissminchu”. “Chu-“is sound of kiss but also sound of mouse in Japanese.

Girls & Boys

approx. 10cm×15cm each, Postcard